Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Inspiration for a digital Zeiss Ikon

Jawad Riachi does product design and development. He - like many of us - is waiting for a digital Zeiss Ikon. His enthusiasm for Zeiss lenses lead him to the concept of a digital Zeiss Ikon camera. 

Jawad wants a camera that is reduced to the essentials without providing marketing stunts but meant to serve the photographer. 


"As a result, the new photographers are being lost and cannot find themselves in this ocean of options. They end up in an endless search for the right camera thinking that the one they have is not up to date. They fall into an endless loop, out of money with very few good photos to show." 

"Photography is about visual expression. The end result is a photo which should emit certain emotions to the viewers. If the photographer is busy thinking which focus point (s)he should select, or where is that button when I need it, there will be no emotions left on his end, hence the image is gone."

Jawad describes his concept here:

And his concept camera got already published here:

You can contribute to that concept and find more here:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Megapixel interview with Zeiss at Photokina 2012

Megapixel did a very extensive interview with Zeiss at photokina 2012, the interview is very informative, it sums up pretty much the future direction of Zeiss in the near future. Here is a few key points to note

A few points from the interview:
  • All other things being equal you can potentially decrease the size of a lens by 20-30 percent when going from Full Frame to APS-C and about 30-40 percent when moving to micro 4/3 – but this really depends on the type of lens.
  • The point of developing the new Carl Zeiss 55mm f/1.4 is to bring unprecedented performance in open apertures. The lens design is actually made of a combination of two different lenses and is a new, first of its kind for a 50mm lens.
  • The new 82mm front element was designed to produce sharpness across the entire frame.
  • Don't expect any AF capable lenses from Zeiss in the foreseeable future for Canon/Nikon.
  • Zeiss can add a stabilizer to manual focus lenses but this will degrade the optical quality of the lens to a degree (it will require some freedom of movement from the optical elements) and so not something Zeiss plans to do anytime soon.
  • Zeiss highly recommends that you use a focusing screen when using a MF lenses – this is because the conventional focusing screen of digital cameras isn't ideal for manual focus (we can surly attest to that).
  • Our final question had to do with a hypothetical size of a 50-100mm f/2 lens compared to the more conventional 70-200mm f/2.8. The answer – we are looking into a heavier and larger design and not something most people would like to carry or pay for…

Copied from: http://www.megapixel.co.il/english/archive/36565


Monday, January 14, 2013

Focusing screen makes a difference

We have reported the issue of the lack of an official hi-precision screen from Canon. For those who would like to shoot manual Zeiss on newest Canon's, the solution lies in 3rd party screen suppliers. A post at Vít Kovalčík photography illustrates what difference a screen can make. If you still have your stock screen that optimizes AF, take a moment to see what it means to have a hi-precision screen.

Link: http://www.pastel.cz/en/2013/01/presna-matnice-pro-canon-5d-mark-iii/

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Zeiss 15mm Hood Removal

For those 15mm owners you may be bothered by the fixed pedal hood, because there are times you want to use different filter sizes. If you have also thought about sawing off the pedals, here is a quick tip to proceed.

Posted by LensRentals.com, there illustrates a step-by-step procedure of removing the hood on the 15mm lens. Not for the faint-of-hearts..

Link: http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2013/01/zeiss-15mm-hood-removal

Friday, December 07, 2012

Zeiss Ikon film RF cameras are officially discontinued

Source from fujiyacamera from Japan
【ついに生産完了!】カールツァイス Zeiss Ikon & Zeiss Ikon SW が生産完了!在庫限りにつきお早めに!

Discontinued - finally! Carl Zeiss production completion] Zeiss Ikon & Zeiss Ikon SW! For as long as stock as soon as possible!

Link: https://twitter.com/fujiyacamera/status/276534767091081216

My apology to all followers that I am not able to keep ZR up to date due to personal reason. But this news has to be announced.