Thursday, October 06, 2011

Distagon 15mm(or 16mm?) f/2.8 coming to SLR soon

Zhao Jia, a professional photographer in China who has authored several books about various photographic equipment and who is in business contact with Zeiss, posted on his Sina micro-blog, on September 30th (loosely translated excerpt): 
"Finally ... Zeiss ZE 25/2, while the previous 25/2.8's advantages are  color rendition and macro capability on film, the newer version is better in image resolution and uniformity)". 
When being asked why the 25/2 can't be found on Zeiss' official site, he frankly responded that 
"it's not out there? if will be released soon :)"
 and Also added : 
"Oh, by the way, for those who's interested in astrophotography and ultra-wide angle, Zeiss will be releasing a 15mm/2.8 soon, and it will be available in both ZE and ZF mount, for more details, please wait for Zeiss official announcement."

For those of you who are familiar with the (German made) ZM Distagon 15mm f/2.8, you know that is a hell of a killer lens. Looks like it is making its way into the SLR world, but the design will inevitably different due to flange clearance. Will it still be German made though?

Edit: today Zhao Jia posted another entry saying:
"I meant 16mm/2.8 instead of 15mm/2.8". 
so it could be a typo, either 15mm or 16mm

(Credit: Thanks Joe)

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