Saturday, December 10, 2011

New cine lenses coming in 2012

Zeiss will be announcing more cine lenses in 2012.
There will be a new light weight zoom lens (in picture), and more CP.2.
The new arena that will be opened in 2012 is a series of anamorphic lenses.

What is it you ask? Rather than projecting the image as it is on a sensor/film (i.e., a circle appears as a circle on the sensor), an anamorphic lens will squeeze the horizontal dimension, so a circle will appear as an ellipse like a standing american football. The reason of doing that is that one can project a wide screen format like 2.39:1 onto a 4:3 sensor like the one in a m43 camera (Panasonic/Olympus).
For more info. on the new cine lenses can be found on page 16-18 in this PDF.



  1. What's interesting for still photog' is that the CP2 line is derived from the Z line. So that confirms we will have a 16mm and another prime in ZE and ZF2. The question is, will the future 70-200mm be a ZE, ZF lens as well?

  2. I hope they make a cheaper ZE/ZF line anamorphic and not just PL mount versions. A lot of 5D mkII shooters out there would want one.