Thursday, March 08, 2012

Zeiss Ikon Silver version is discontinued

Zeiss's M-mount rangefinder film camera, the Zeiss Ikon, made by Cosina, has its silver version discontinued, as stated on Cosina's website.

ツァイス イコン シルバーボディ 153,000円 *レンズは含みません(この製品は生産終了しました)

Let's do a simple account.
  • The German made ZM Sonnar 85/2 was discontinued;
  • Silver version of ZM lenses was once rumored to be discontinued;
  • Zeiss Ikon SW was discontinued;
  • Now the silver ZI is discontinued.

If I am allowed to guess, the current German made ZM Distagon 15/2.8 will probably be replaced by a Cosina made version, if not to be discontinued (especially with the intro. of a 15mm Distagon for SLR).


  1. agreed. sucks. hopefully they'll keep black in production