Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Photokina 2: New FF Zeiss lens line

prototype on high res FF camera
New Carl Zeiss full frame manual focus lens line for Canon and Nikon mounts: The new lens line will deliver uncompromising image performance, with extremely high resolution including the picture edges even at F1.4 aperture. Chromatic aberration will be extremely low. The new lens line aims at FF-sensors with a resolution of 30+MP. Sensors with a lower resolution will also profit from a better contrast at maximum aperture. According to todays statements the new lens line will 'approach' (confusing translation from German to English) medium format image quality, while the CZ announcement from Sep. 8th referred to image performance that will equal medium format quality.

1.4/55 distagon prototype

At the time, three lenses are under development for launch in autumn 2013. More lenses are planned. CZ does not want to reveal further information about what focal lengths will be launched in autumn 2013 and what lenses are planned for a later release. Today, the prototype of a 1.4/55mm Distagon only is known. The distagon type lens - usually a wide angle type of lens construction - for a standard focal length provides better image performance than the planar type. It will be interesting to see how the distagon behaves in terms of field curvature. 

This new lens line will be made from the Zeiss manufacturer network in Japan according to CZ standards for a real lens performance corresponding to it's theoretical potential. 

Prices for the lenses will be around 3000 Euros. 

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  2. Will it really look like this, or is it just a temporary housing ?

    Can't imaging Manual Focusing with this rubber(?) ring.

    Image quality sure is impressive.

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